A selection of beautiful designer shower with photos

The most beautiful shower cabins

This is a refreshing collection of the most unusual design options for shower cabins for both big houses and tiny apartments – especially for those who are feeling hot this summer!


Bath-Shower room

This bathroom is located in a house built in Madrid, Spain. The house area of 210 square metres is entirely composed of modules. In one of them is this wonderful bathroom.


Original shower cabins

Shower cabins can be in a multitude of shapes and types. At the end of the day, it all depends on your imagination and resources. This bathroom is exactly the case, when space allows, that you can add another bathroom, and an original shower. If you do not have time to take a bath, you can quickly rinse off.

The editors recommend:

Such a beautiful curling shower can be made of moisture-resistant plasterboard. Of course, for the sake of beauty of form, you will have to work: plasterboard in such cases will need incisions to be made, which then allow the material to bend. With mosaic tiles it can be easier: theses are purchased in sheets, with the tiles themselves on one side and an adhesive agent on the one side.


Shower in open-plan apartments

Open plan provides huge scope for the imagination to create all sorts of options for decorating your home. This even applies to toilets and bathrooms.


Compact shower rooms

Everyone knows how difficult it is to come up with an eye-catching design for a small room. The same can be said about compact bathrooms. However, here a shower can be a solution to the problem.


Showers in contemporary bathrooms

A further point is that to save space in a bathroom, it helps to combine the bathroom with the toilet, unless of course in your apartment that’s already been done. Then free up space for a shower, and furniture.


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