With new technologies to save water

Atomizing shower head can save water by up to 70%

Nebia Shower is a leading-edge shower head which saves both water and heat without sacrificing comfort. According to the developers, their shower consumes just 2.3 litres of water per minute, while a standard shower head delivers about 9-10 litres per minute.


Richard Fuller, the well-known designer and architect put forward the use of the shower head which uses 90% compressed air and only 10% water in the form of atomized droplets. Thus, he argued that only 1 litre of water needs to be used per hour. 50 years have now gone by, but we still use wasteful showers and all of his achievements have remained on paper.

And then in 2015, a young startup called Nebia undertook development of their revolutionary shower, which uses similar technology, but without the compressed air component, to dramatically save water during a shower.


There is no cylinder of compressed air and everything is much simpler. The Nebia shower head atomizes the water into tiny droplets that cover “10 times greater area” than water droplets from a conventional shower head, which allows washing to be more efficient, as more water comes into contact with body. Heating of the air around the droplets is also more effective. They described it as a “warm and comfortable mist,” which not only cleanses your body, but is also significantly superior to the use of classic showers in general.

This kind of shower consumes only 2.3 litres of water per minute, while a conventional shower head about 9-10. If this is applied to a household of 4 people, you can save in a year about 80,000 litres of water, but if you then measure what is economised in heating bills, it turns out to be very interesting sum.

Such especially cost effective shower heads are a good investment for establishments and businesses that use a lot of water in showers, allowing them to conserve water and save money, in the form of water bills, and heating bills. No wonder this project has become such a success on Kickstarter.

Even if you can’t wait until this hi-tech shower head appears in your local showroom, you can still use a more economical shower head, for example, from a garden sprayer. Which can be put in the shower. This will save up to 20% water…

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