Consider the advantages of the shower with no doors!



In the past when choosing a shower cabin, you may have paid especial attention to its watertightness and its likelihood of avoiding leaks, the seals around the doors and panels, and door mechanisms, such as rollers.

Today, these criteria can still remain important, but shower manufacturers already offer new design options where these points do not play such an important role.

In this article I will tell you about new opportunities for choice with new developments in shower cabins and systems, as well as the design of bathrooms, where you could now install a shower with no conventional doors and with unhindered entry and exit.

To install a shower design without doors, as a rule you would use between one and three glasses with heat-tempered glass panels with anti-drop-forming coating. Having defined the best option in terms of glass at you leisure, two important things remains to be added.

Firstly, the glass fixing method, since the glass itself cannot be securely fixed only to a single mounting rail on the nearest wall. For this purpose there are different options for rods, designed to provide reliable fastening of glass. Recently,shower heads have appeared on the market designed to have mountings for glass. These are very handy things, replacing fixing kits to some extent.

Secondly, the choice of shower tray or trap to drain the water. Both options have their advantages and the difference will depend on the installation options and how these options will fit into the overall concept your interior design.

It remains to determine the positive or negative aspects of shower cabins without doors, compared to closable cabins.

Some of the pluses include the fact that showers without doors have no moving parts. Doors can be damaged, most often by careless opening and closing, and replacing them is expensive. Doors with roller systems may not fail as often, but still require regular maintenance or even replacement of the rollers themselves. One of the main advantages of shower areas without doors is the opportunity to create a more voluminous space. Such shower areas do not have various mounting rails and door handles, which makes the shower area absolutely transparent. Designers are particularly fond of such options.

On the downside, you can only be concerned about possible splashing outside the shower area, but this in practise is more to do with the psychology of perception, because in reality there’s always less than you expect.

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