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Are problems with the use of your shower cabin always catastrophic?

When choosing a shower cabin for your home, you naturally hope that this great miracle of technology will work reliably and forever, because at such a momentous time you do not want to think of dealing with failure. Nevertheless, some general information on weak points and the most frequently-observed reasons for non-performance can not only help you to take care during your acquisition, but also help you mentally prepare for planned and anticipated maintenance.

Reasons for problems

The most common causes of the various faults that shower cabinets can display include the following factors:

  • inattention to the plumbing by the householder
  • Poor quality of water from the tap
  • power surges in the electricity supply
  • wear and tear of some components of the product

In any case, it is impossible to predict when failure will occur, so from the very beginning, be aware that preventive maintenance is absolutely essential for every shower, even high-quality models from top-of-the-range manufacturers.

Weak points

The most common problems can be divided into three groups based on where they occur:

  • the main body and its constituent elements;
  • failures in the plumbing of the cabin;
  • appliances and features that stop working.

In most cases, the fault can be dealt with by your their own efforts, but in some situations it is of course better to use professional help. For example, you should consult a specialist for the repair of electrical appliances, because a wrong connection can result in the failure of the whole system, which can be dangerous to human health, while innocently enjoying a shower.

Glass components – good news and bad news

If the replacement of rollers, the outflow, shower head and hose, the continual battle with mineral deposits and rust on metal parts of the cabin are not really catastrophic problems, damage to the door and the body of the cabin can cause a real headache. Such a problem is considered to be probably quite expensive to fix, and sometimes turns very troublesome.

Since today, in most cases, the panels and walls of the cabin are made of glass, it is paramount that you measure the needed replacement very carefully in order to find a substitute with exactly the right dimensions. If the glass to be replaced is flat, the search should not last too long, however, to find a suitable element with a curved configuration will likely have you spend a lot of effort. The good news is that curved elements of the right proportions can be ordered at a specialist glass workshop, but the bad news is that this can be expensive.

Since damage to the glass elements of a cabin can result in a lot of trouble and chunky financial outlay, you really must be very careful to treat all the components in such materials. Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that miracles and special strength with the cheaper models should not be expected, since these showers usually use relatively brittle glass that can go from any accident or hard knock.

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