Modern technologies are saving technologies – steam shower!

Effective skin care by steam showers

Specialist designers have developed a unique steam shower, which allows you to not only cleanse your skin efficiently and deeply, but also to make it more healthy and radiant. This product is sold under the Wasauna brand name with a pure-skin slogan.

When designing this line of shower heads, the most advanced, sometimes even innovative technologies, were brought into play. Mounted inside the shower set are filters that can effectively clean incoming water from chlorine, fluorine, and other unwanted chemicals that can often be present in the output from the central water supply system. Furthermore, these filters reliably kill harmful bacteria and neutralize toxins contained in the water supply.

After the water passes through thorough cleaning procedures, it is given powerful enrichment with vitamins C and E. All of this happens courtesy of unparalleled and patented technology, installed directly inside the shower head. As a result, the nozzles inside the shower cabin supply water with unique properties, positively affecting human health and rendering the skin soft.

Studies have shown that many consumers buy a steam shower in order to be able to have in their home the ability to have more thorough cleansing of their skin. Daily sessions can now combine hygiene with a novel pure-skin shower to achieve stunning results: radiant healthy skin and deeply cleaned pores. Experts compare these results with regular monthly facial massage.

The cleaning process demands that the user accurately controls the temperature of the steam in order to be optimal. The Wasauna shower solves this problem by equipping the cabin with an electronic thermostatic control system.

In addition, steam showers are usually chosen more and more by those consumers who above all appreciate comfort, and the opportunity to relax as much as possible. Especially for them, there is now a new and rather interesting option for their shower system: the nozzles can now disperse  aromatherapy in order to saturate the space inside the cabin with the aroma of lavender to promote complete relaxation. Such showers have demonstrated that they can be very effective in dealing with insomnia.

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